Fucky The Pirate skipped through Froody's Fucksbear Pizza until he saw a Burger King advert on the wall.

"Come on, eat in Burger King!" Fucksy laughed and was about to continue skipping but then read, "It's pirate themed tonight!"

"SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Fucksy screamed in excitement before skipping torwards Burger King.

Fucksy opened the door with his face and skipped in. People inside dressed as pirates looked at Fucksy puzzled.

"...Did someone order a Transformer?"

Fucksy skipped torwards the clerk. To Fucksy's surprise, the clerk was Mike Schmidt.

MikeSchmidt hs1 400px

Mike noticed Fucksy and ran away. 

Chica was called in to replace Mike. Cica showed up wearing a Burger King crown and a eyepatch.



After the dialogue, Cica dropped a burger on Fucksy's plate. Fucksy however slapped the burger away and it hit the face of an elderly woman who was not far away.


Fucksy glomped Cica and attempted to rape Cica but forgot animatronics can't have genitals and was punched in the face and threw in the fryer.

Cica got up and noticed all customers had their ears bleeding because of the screaming. Cica grabbed a microphone that translated the screams into words.



"I'm sorry for the problem that's been dealth with. You all now will earn free burgers. Just come here and I'll distribute them."

No one moved because everyone was deaf.

Cica sighed and had to throw the burgers to everyone's table.

Meanwhile, Fucksy jumped out of the fryer barely functioning. Mike came out of the bathroom and noticed Fucksy on the floor. Mike grabbed Fucksy and threw him in the manager's room.

Mike ran away laughing, thinking Fucksy was going to kill his manager.

But in reality, the manager was a closet furry and raped Fucksy.

The manager's name was Ahy Nal Ryan.

Meanwhile, Cica kept distributing burgers to everyone. Mike wanted Cica to go away so he could return to his shift. 

Suddenly, the elderly lady that got a burger on her face appeared in front of Cica and argued with Cica about the burger. Mike took the opportunity to record everything and post it on Youtube.

The video, named "BURGER KING ROBOT ARGUES WITH ANGRY GRANNY" got more views than Gangnam Style and most of the comments were insults to animatronics, people saying how McDonalds and Taco Bell was better and shameless channel advertising.

In a small while, angry SJWs appeared and took Cica away and Mike returned to his shift.

Meanwhile, Fucksy was thrown out of the manager's room deeply scarred and dragged himself torwards Mike. Fucksy stabbed Mike in his Achilles tendon with his hook and Mike fell over limp and dead.

Fucksy's batteries ran out and he died too.

R.I.P Fucksy, 2014 - 2015, "My greatest dream is to have genitals".

Written by Synthwave