One night, I was taking a walk on a local trail near my house. I couldn't sleep, so I decided why the hell not? But what happened, is what makes me wish I never stroped foot outisde my house that night.

I was reaching the middle of the trail, walking at a brisk pace. It was night, so of coarse I had my suspicions. I checked my digital watch on my left arm. "11:30" is what the digital clock read back to me. It wasn't a bad time of night, and the trail was well lit. I just didn't want to be out at around twelve o'clock. I've heard about how bad the trail gets, at that time. But I still had thirty minutes, so I thouht I was fine.

I was getting about 3/4 of the way through the trail, and then I noticed something very odd. Bushes around me would keep moving. Thinking that it was some wild animal trying to protect its home, I quickened my pace. It was getting so obnoxious at this point that I pulled out my phone and used its flashigher to shine it in the bushes.

Nothing. I had seen nothing.

But nearly five seconds after, I heard something truly horrifying.

right behind me, I heard:

"Wrong side."

I booked it. I ran all the way home, and locked all of the doors. Sleep that night wasn't easy to come by. But that wasn't the worst part about it, oh, no.

The worst part about it is when I had seen a hooded figure outside my window whilst I laid in my bed.

He said one thing.

"Right side."